It is at this early age that you need to start teaching your horse how to act like a partner. Like Pat says "Horses don't always do what you tell them to do but they always do what you've programmed them to do." It is in Pre saddle training that we start to programme the horse to respond appropriately to pressure, how to  solve puzzles and how to respond with respect and with out fear. So many horses learn the wrong things at this age, it is easy to programme a horse but it can be challengng to reprogramme them. The Key is to give them all the skils they need to become a great partner at this early age.

This training includes:


  • Learning all seven games

  • Leading and Tying

  • Farrier, Vet, Dentist prep

  • Rug prep

  • Preperations start for one day saddling them for the first time.


 This is the key stage everyone brushes over, most people wait until their horse is ready to be started to send them away. Having this training sets your horse up so well for the start and sets you up to have a great partnership in he future. Training usually lasts 2 - 4 weeks