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First and foremost, Sean is an equine behaviourist and helps people to understand not only why
horses do what they do, but how to effect it. Sean has spent extensive time learning directly from
Pat Parelli as one of his apprentices and currently studies with Mike Bridges, a master of the true
California style Bridle Horse tradition.
Sean’s focus is purpose based horsemanship and combines his passion for western performance and
bridle horses with natural horsemanship and classical dressage. Sean is an AQHA Senior Ranch
Riding European Championship medal winner and is on the path to developing bridle horses in the
true California Style Vaquero tradition. He offers clinic in cow working, trail riding (New Forest),
liberty and refinement.
Sean works with horses and riders of all ages and backgrounds - from recreational to top level, from
foundation training, first rides, through to competition preparation - because horsemanship is a
philosophy that is the corner stone for all disciplines.
Sean’s goal is to share knowledge, understanding and compassion for the horse whilst still getting
great results.