For 2020 we are so excited to announce that we have merged with Mia Rodley who will be taking horses in for development and training here at The Savvy Centre. Mia is a Parelli Professional, has spent time with Pat Parelli, Mike Brides, Peter Maddison-Greenwell and countless others developing her horsemanship. She also spent 2 years as a student working with Sean. 

What We Offer

 The Parelli Programme is about teaching people to have good horsemanship, giving them the habits and skills they need to become a great partner for their horse. Horse Development is about "Teaching Horses". As you progress through your horsemanship journey you may find yourself in need of someone to help teach your horse! The horse may be a foal, a colt getting his first rides, a particularly difficult or challenging horse, or moving towards an area of specialisation that require a seamless foundation. Mia has a real passion for horse development and currently takes horses for:


  • Yearling/Pre saddle training

  • Young horse starting

  • Foundation

  • Problem Solving/ Re starting


 When developing your horse Mia's number 1 priority is to stick to the principles and allow the horse to dictate the timeline. It's important to stay progressive but respect your horses Confidence, Curiosity, Sensitivity and Dignity.

Please note : Mia is not yet Licensed by Parelli as a Horse Development Specialist. However she has a broad knowledge of how to teach and train horses and has started and trained countless horses with Pat and other high-level Horse Development Specialists. 

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